feeling low 

A few days ago, a staff told me that my hearing voices and suicidal thoughts were a load of crap, because I waited until the day I went to the hospital to tell them. Also, I was told that cutting is an attentionccseeking behavior. I was also told to stop crying over every little thing and that I needed to toughen up. I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday, and I’m going to ask to talk to him alone. Usually, there is a staff in the room when we talk of our doctor. On Thursday, I ended up cutting again. Sorry for all the nhgative stuff today. Have a blessed day. Thanks for reading. 

3 Replies to “feeling low ”

  1. You never have to apologise. Your blog is your own space to express yourself. It’s normal to feel low for a bit but you CAN help yourself get out of the negative cycle 🙂 hope today was better


  2. It’s good to use this blog to get everything out. And there are so many others like myself who put our everyday ups and downs out there and give and get support. I’m sorry the staff said that and especially about cutting. Self injury in general is so misunderstood often even by those of us that do it never mind professionals and the general public. There is a book self injury: simple answers to complex questions that’s mainly for clinicians to understand more but can be for a anyone. It is hard to find therapists that will treat SI. Often the programs in the area that do are not covered by medicaid. That doesn’t mean you can’t find anything. And staff here do have a good understanding though I and another resident were really the only active cutters they had in a long time. You’ll get respect here and people willing to listen. Which is better than professionals assuming.


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