Just another post 

I’m seriously thinking of leaving the group home I live in now. The staff don’t care about my problems at all. They told me that my hearing voices and suicidal thoughts were a load of crap. I also am not allowed to do the dishes by myself because they’re afraid I will drop them or that I won’t get them clean. I can’t manage my own money, and I’m just generally not happy. Also, I’m not in counseling. I keep bringing it up, but I keep being told that theyou are working on it. I just can’t take it anymore. 

2 Replies to “Just another post ”

  1. I’m sorry they wouldn’t let you do the dishes. Here we don’t have to do that we eat in the dining hall. With the money though as you know they take all your SSI except $30 unfortunately. But you can get a cash only job. With therapy as I said not provided here specifically but they can get you in with an outside agency it might take some time. What they won’t do is invalidate your symptoms/ illness and will try their best to support you which is most important.


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