Hospital update

Hey, just wanted to do a quick update. I just got out of the hospital. I was having suicidal thoughts and self harm thoughts. None of the meds were changed. I was only there for four days.

5 Replies to “Hospital update”

  1. Hey there,
    Glad that you are now out of the hospital. Keep up the great work and you will become stronger. I have definitely been where you are, maybe not for the same reasons, but I do know how hard it is. My thoughts are with you. Let me know if you need anything and remember that there is always hope and someone who cares.


  2. What is it like at the hospital unit you went to? Are the staff nice and caring? What kinds of groups and activities do they have? I continue to be beyond shocked at these units that provide no groups or theraputic treatment at all and you lay there all day and watch your symptoms get worse. At least this social worker helped you with referral so that’s good.


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