3 Replies to “depressed”

  1. sort of in the same boat as you. Depression is setting in like the change of the season. Irritability is heightened. In constant discomfort from muscle weakness. Frustrated and angry all the time. Can’t find a happy place for my thoughts and lost interest in doing… anything.
    A cutter like you but I do it during fugue states so it’s not something I think about it just happens. I try to write what the voices say to ease the rush of words though lately they are quite and the muse seems to have taken a hiatus.
    Life is full of misery and the baggage at times too heavy to bear. If not for the canines in my life I think I’d be six feet under by now.

    something to gnaw on:

    murder in the sky
    darkens a sun shiny day
    feathers from the sky

    Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

    each day holds an adventure and a tragedy
    the path is never clear
    walk blindly with trepidation
    finding a comfort in fear

    Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince


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