Last night 

So I was standing in line for dinner last night, and I told one of the residents that I was only eating half a sandwich. One of the other residents commented and said, “Are you trying to lose weight?” I said, “Yes,” and she said, “You don’t have anything to lose.” This is the worst thing you can say to someone strugglx with an eating disorder. Needless to say, it was really upsetting. My therapistst doesn’t specialize in eating disorders. I’ve looked all over the place for one that does, and the ones that do, don’t take Medicaid. This is so frustrating. Even the inpatient units around here don’t take Medicaid. Again, this is so frustrating. I live in the US. 

2 Replies to “Last night ”

  1. Hi, I live in the US as well. I’ve been having the same problems trying to find treatment. My therapist does not specialize either and I cant even find a dietitian that takes medicaid in my network let alone one that specializes. The national eating disorders association has a page on their website to help with finding treatment. May be something to look it if you haven’t.


  2. Hey there, new follower. Having Medicaid and trying to find treatment is a huge pain in the ass. And even in the off chance you do find one, Medicaid usually only approves for a week at a time, so every week, you have a team meeting to determine if Medicaid finds you “sick” enough to continue inpatient. It’s the dumbest shit there is. My second round in treatment, I was only approved for 8 days, and I was the smallest I had ever been.
    I’m sorry it’s rough, I wish I had more advice. But like the above person stated, on the NEDA website, there’s a list of providers that accept Medicaid. The best of luck. Feel free to follow me as well and we can always talk =)


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