I’m back

I’m back! I was in the hospital for a while. One of my personalities Amilia was threatening to kill me. My therapist and doctor both agree that I have multiple personalities, but they didn’t want to put that label on me. They said that these parts  of me would go away with therapy once we worked on the trauma. Now isn’t a good time to work on the trauma because the place where I’m living is closing in three months. Amilia came out to talk to my therapist while  at the hospital.

2 Replies to “I’m back”

  1. Hi. We found your blog via Carol Anne’s blog. We have been a part of the online multiple community for nearly 20 years. We have also had two very good therapists for a total of over 17 years.

    We see that you’re new to this diagnosis, but since we don’t know how much you know about it, we think that it’s important that we comment. We’re concerned about the fact that you’ve been told that healing means that “these parts of [you] will go away. ” If a therapist or doctor told us this, we’d find a new therapist.

    Competent therapists now understand that successful work with multiples requires accepting all parts of who the client is and encouraging the client to do so as well. We are not a health professional, but we know this through first-hand experience. Whether a person is singleton or multiple, each part is necessary to the whole and remains there whether accepted or not. Only with acceptance of all parts, and working with troubled ones to help them heal, will the system as a whole heal.

    In the spirit of support, we wish you well.


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