17 Replies to “How to stop suicidal thoughts?”

  1. Hello. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering I have Borderline PD and Schizotypal PD and have been suicidal for the majority of my life so I’ll try to say to you what I might say to myself.

    One of the things that helps me is to remember the value of being alive and experiencing the world. That being alive can be awful, but also beautiful and joyous. Perhaps remind yourself of some of the pleasurable things, like really good music or something you enjoy. I believe it makes sense to find things that are worth living for, even through great pain, because there is always the chance that things might get better, no matter how dark it looks. We might think there is no hope, but you never know. I know what it’s like to be in a bad spiral. Only when I get out of it I realize how unclear I was thinking.

    Death is something you can’t take back, why not postpone it just for another day? There are people who never had the chance to even be alive at all.

    I don’t know anything about your life but I hope you will find your way.

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    1. When I feel depression closing its icy grip around my throat, I put on worship music, watch something silly on tv or a movie, or…go to the local children’s hospital and see the little ones who have every reason to be sad, smiling and LIVING.
      I sleep more when the depression gets worse, and I force myself to “act as if” I feel ok. Hope that helps.

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      1. Try to remember that there is an end to the pain. Pain tries to lie and tell us that all there is in life is the pain, but that is not true. It has helped me greatly to tell someone else what my thoughts are. Do you have someone safe in your life that you can be completely honest? A counselor, a friend? If not, please keep writing on here. I have found a support from other bloggers that I just don’t have in my life. I can be completely honest without worry of being judged. Hang on. We are here for you.

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  2. I never have had suicidal thoughts so I’m not the right person to say. Although I suggest (and I don’t want to sound so preachy here but this is all I’ve got), praying like really talking to God. Talk to Him like a friend, be angry at Him if you are. He’s God, He can take it. And He knows you better than anyone else.

    Watch a funny show or movie, read a compelling book, talk to someone, do what makes you happy. Is it coffee, dessert, taking a walk, dancing in your room?

    Or get a pet dog if you’re not allergic. Dogs are the best companions. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hey there, new follower, formerly known as C… M… Unfortunately I’m not sure what to recommend, but commenters above seem to have some good advice. I personally find writing cathartic. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

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  4. Hey, https://www.coursera.org/learn/happiness this really helped me. You should give it a go. I also try to think five happy and positive thoughts for every negative one I think. Watching happy cartoons like gravity falls or star vs the forces of evil can be good for brain breaks and when I am happy I write letters to myself and reminders on my wrist that I can be happy and that it’s okay. At the moment I have “remember how it feels” and “I am going to make the most of my situation”, Goodluck, you’re not alone and it does get better!

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  5. Hello! I understand completely with suicidal thoughts. I noticed also from your site that you are DID. This can be even more of a challenge because sometimes as the host we will think of it but be able to push the thoughts back, but our alters might not be able to do that. One of my alters is very vindictive and despises me. She has attempted to kill me when I was about 15/16. Since I don’t have access in talking with her yet, I don’t believe that she’s aware that if she kills me then she will die too (as I said, she is just seeking to kill me off). Since then it has been an ongoing battle to keep her either locked up or let her out in a safe manner to blow off some steam.

    When you are in the moment, it can be very difficult, but try to list at least 5 positive things in your life. They can be small things like “I got dressed”, “I woke up and got out of bed”, “I fed the dog/cat/etc”. Try to remind yourself that “This too shall pass!” and that there’s always tomorrow! Of course, know that you are NOT alone!

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  6. I feel that thoughts are our way of speaking to ourselves. A messenger. Suicidal thoughts specifically are trying to address an issue that were trying to heal within us. Most people suggest that you change the thought or overwrite that thought with something more “positive”. I say you listen to the thought and hear what its really trying to tell you.
    Personally I dont want to die, but I do want to escape from the discomfort im feeling. I want the discomfort to die so that I can live happily without it…
    Discomfort is a lame word. I should say that I want to escape from the agonizingly soul searing torment that I feel daily. What do you want to escape from?

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  7. This is a sticky to[pic so can I assume you are still interested in comments? My therapist gave me advice that helped me than and continues to help. She told me to leave the option on the table but to put options ahead of it. I would start off with like 5 options ahead: get an oil change on the car, clean the house, etc – mundane tasks. Eventually there was 7 then 10 things ahead of it. At some point it fell off the option list. I can’t tell you when but it did. I found that by not denying those thoughts or trying to “make them go away”, I was able to manage and move past it.

    I have bipolar, mixed episodes. One symptom is suicidal ideation. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life, when I’m in a mixed episode they come. I have other mixed episode symptoms too like rage and so forth. I’m not an angry person so when I feel that rage it clues me into the fact that I’m off-balance. I recognize the thoughts (ideation) and just move on. In one of my blogs I explained it like this:
    “I woke up and visualized shooting myself in the head… and then I thought maybe breakfast and the gym might be more productive.” That’s it, simple as that. However, it took me a long time to develop that ability and I still have a fear, albeit no longer crippling, that I might accidentally do it.

    Having said that; if I find myself actually making a plan, I get myself into a professional as fast as I can. I really don’t want to die. It generally stems from an overwhelming need to just get a break from the chaos in my head.

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  8. I have had suicidal thoughts for large parts of my life and really wanted to kill myself for long periods. But I always had a tiny bit of hope that things might get better. And now I have overcome all my mental health problems and addictions I am happier than I have ever been and so glad I did not kill myself. I too experienced abuse but you can recover from severe trauma. Have you tried EMDR it is amazing for trauma it changed my life. There is a way out of your pain – the right kind of therapy and support. xx

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  9. Writing out your feelings and what you’re dealing with helps. Praying to GOD who loves you will bring more healing into your life. Giving thanks by writing them out each day helps you focus on what is still good. Listening to music that is positive and uplifting can nourish your soul… Helping and/or supporting orphans or other children in need gives purpose for your life.

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