My fears about starting therapy agian…

Trigger warning: talk of sexual abuse!!





So, I’m starting therapy on Wednesday for the sexual abuse I went through as a child… I’m afraid the therapist won’t know how to handle the dissociative identity disorder… What if it’s to much for her to handle? Amilia is also very angry that we are going to therapy again… She doesn’t want to talk about the abuse… It’s happened in the past that when I go to therapy, they can’t handle my problems so they passed me off to someone who they thought could handle my problems. I just don’t want that to happen again. I have all these what ifs running through my mind… If anyone has experienced this, please let me know how you coped with this.

5 Replies to “My fears about starting therapy agian…”

  1. I think honesty is key. tell the therapist you have did. at least then you’ll know from session one if she can help. or if she is not equipped to help you. then if she isn’t you can look for someone new. XXX


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