what it’s like living with borderline personality disorder

You feel the lowest of lows and the highest of nights. You don’t even know who you are. You push the people you love the most away….. Borderline personality disorder is the I don’t fit in disorder… You see in terms of black or white never a shade of grey. You find it easier to inflict harm on yourself rather than facing your problems. You find that that harm makes you feel alive, and it somehow makes things easier to deal with, but the reality is that it only makes your problems worse. Harming yourself only brings you more pain. What is it like living with borderline personality disorder, you ask, well let me tellll you. It’s like you’re in a tornado, and there’s no Wayne out. It’s like you are a burden to everyone around you. You have this overwhelming sense of suicidality, but you know you can’t go through with it… You go to college wondering what you’re going to do with your life, but you realize that you’ve never quite grown out of that phase where you were in high school, where you never did find the cliques where you fit in at school. You try so hard to please everyone, but you realize that your efforts are in vain. You feel so empty and alone… You wonder what your purpose on this earth is. Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and opinions change in an instant. You act like a camillion to match the people around you, because you don’t have an identity outside of yourself. What is it like living with borderline personality disorder, you ask, just ask someone who’s been there… They’ll tell you the truth. Living with this disorder is no walk in the park. It’s an ever growing storm of emotions and feelings.

5 Replies to “what it’s like living with borderline personality disorder”

  1. Thank you for this explanation, it has been described in a very clear way. I hope people who suffer from this could in a way how to handle this or get help, it is good more people would know about this…


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