feeling depressed…

So, I’m feeling really sad today… My sister committed suicide yesterday. Plus, I had to drop my college classes because of a high school transcript thing. Not sure if I can even reenroll in them at this point… Just feeling really alone right now… Amilia really wants to cut right now…. Just wish I could do something about all this. Plus, my bank charged me $10 for a replacement debit card. My facility took that out of my $30 that I got from my check… So I have to live off $20 this month…. Just feeling really overwhelmed with everything…. Just wish memories would just go away…

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2 Replies to “feeling depressed…”

  1. So sorry about your sister! The thing about memories and depression is that the memories aren’t going to just go away. You have to work through the pain to get past the pain. I’ve told you before, I am here to listen and offer, if nothing else, a shoulder to cry on. I can also share with you how I deal with my issues in order to keep the depression and BPD at as much of a minimum as I can. Maybe you can start college classes next semester, if it’s too late this time around?


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