struggling a lot…

So, I’m sturuggling a lot…. Alters are acting out and self-harming and not eating. They aren’t on the same page with me going back to school. Amilia left a suicide note on my computer a few days ago. On Friday, I was playing a game on my computer when I blacked out, and when I came back there were cuts on my arm and a broken cd in my hand.

Last Sunday, my sister supposedly committed suicide, but I haven’t seen an obituary yet. So not sure if this person was telling the truth or not. My call light on Friday was going off for like fifteen minutes, and no one came to my room. I had to leave the room to go get help. On my way out of my room to my counselor’s office, I met a member of staff and told her what had happened. I don’t remember any of it. I’m just really struggling right now. I’m supposed to start school on Monday, but not all my insiders are on the same page as me in that regard. I see all the early warning signs of a relapse….

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