So, it’s Ashley, and I hate Halloween. I’m only 11. I hate the triggers… I hate it all. I just want to get through it. I hate what the cult did to us.

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So, it
S Tabbitha and I
M 23. I willl be running the system tomorrow. Hoping that goes as planned. I will let Rayette out to talk to the doctor tomorrow and then I will come back out for the rest of the day. I hope the staff understand… I know Katie will.

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So i went to the hospital today for an assessment and they discharged me.

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Wild night

So, tonight has been a wild one. My foster mom and I had a long talk and ironed out some things in our relationship. Then I talked to our friend Maria for like two hours.
So, today I went to therapy. It was a good session. We filled out paperwork, and then she asked me a bunch of questions, and I asked her a bunch of questions. She has worked with trauma survivors but hasn’t worked with people with DID, but she’s willing to learn. That’s always a plus, right?

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Sunday ramblings

Hey, so I had a pretty good day… I read for a while, and then I played some games for a bit. I don’t remember what I did for part of my day because other alters were out and I lost timeme. Overall, it was a pretty good day. Talked to a friend for a bit to. It was fun.

Sunday ramblings

So, I’m getting really excited for therapy. I’m also apprehensive at the same time because what if the therapist doesn’t believe us…….. I’m scared that she will push integration, and that’s not what we want…..

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update time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it’s erica and I’m 11. I’m scared to go to therapy. I just wish people would believe us because we’re not lying about the DID.

Hey, it
s Rayette, and I wish people would believe me. The DID isn’t being made up at all. 95% of cases arre unnoticeable. You wouldn’t even know the person had DID unless you asked. them.

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moving on program went to crap….

So, I was told today that the moving on program couldn’t help me because they couldn’t find appropriate housing for me. I still have Tazzwood to look forward to, but the moving on program can’t help me move because they don’t serve Tazzwood County. They only serve Peoria County.

sad news

So, I went to see a new psychiatrist today, and they said they couldn’t dela with me unless i was with the moving on program. So, sadly, I have to stay with the current psychiatrist that I have. Just feeling very alone and frustrated right now.


I’m tired of people saying that I don’t have DID when they don’t know what goes on inside my head. I just wish someone would believe me for once and stop telling me to just suppress my alters. I hope that tomorrow when I go in for my mental health assessment that the doctor believes me.