I’m tired of people saying that I don’t have DID when they don’t know what goes on inside my head. I just wish someone would believe me for once and stop telling me to just suppress my alters. I hope that tomorrow when I go in for my mental health assessment that the doctor believes me.

One Reply to “tired…”

  1. It’s often better to not tell them straight away that you have something, especially doctors and therapists will react rather negatively because they assume that you are just riding on the hype train that DID has become over the last few years. Try to explain what you are experiencing without mentioning DID at all, it’s better to let them get to the conclusion of what you have on their own. And it’s a plus for you too, you have to stay open until you got a proper evaluation and diagnosis (which takes up to 6 months of therapy), because DID isn’t the only disorder with this kind of “symptoms” and a therapy has to be very specific when it comes to dissociative disorders – getting treated for DID won’t do you any good if you actually have ego-states (it’s just an example). Good luck and don’t let anyone get you down, you are not obliged to make them believe you – it’s not worth the effort, just let them be. Stay strong!


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