Wild night

So, tonight has been a wild one. My foster mom and I had a long talk and ironed out some things in our relationship. Then I talked to our friend Maria for like two hours.
So, today I went to therapy. It was a good session. We filled out paperwork, and then she asked me a bunch of questions, and I asked her a bunch of questions. She has worked with trauma survivors but hasn’t worked with people with DID, but she’s willing to learn. That’s always a plus, right?

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2 Replies to “Wild night”

  1. As someone with DID, who has been treated by the same type of provider. I can say that if she is willing to learn that is a big plus. There are many webinars now where a doctor does not even have to leave their office. She also treats PTSD so she does know about trauma. See how it goes. She will have a learning curve.


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