talk with a case worker

So I had a long talk with a case worker today. We discussed working on the borderline personality disorder symptoms. We talked about how if we worked on the borderline personality disorder symptoms how it might decrease some of the dissociative identity disorder symptoms. I need to know I’m not going crazy. I need validation that my alters exist. Some days I feel like I’m going crazy…..

met a new friend

So, I met a new friend. She lives in Alaska. She’s awesome!!!!! I can Facetime her from Illinois!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!

apologize for mistake

I wanted to apologize to my readers. I found out that I only have 18 alters. I thought there were 120, but I counted them wrong. There were just so many voices talking at once that it seemed like there were that many. Would you like me to do alter introductions on my YouTube channel? I think I will do just that.

update time

So, it’s like 3:30 where I live right now. I went to sleep around 8 last night and forgot to take my meds. I think one of my alters was trying to tell me that they didn’t want to take the meds because it reminded them of the cult. That’s as far as I will go with that.We finally had a nurse last night who got us. She told us to reach out for help in any way we could. She found my blog, and she really liked it. She thought it was a great idea for me to share my thoughts with the people on the Net. Wishing I would have taken our meds last night because not doing so has left us awake at this hour of 3:30 AM.