sad thoughts

So, I will never be able to have the first time of having sex that everyone talks about. That was taken away from me as a child. I will have to explain it to my boycfriend and hope he understands…… Just really need a friend right now…..

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Monday Ramblings!!!

So today, I had like six bites of my salad for lunch. Then I had half a peanutbutter sandwich. I know I’m struggofling with anorexic thoughts today. I could really use a friend.

food diary

5 bites of turkey, 30 calories, two bites of vegetables 10 calories, three bites of a dinner roll 50 calories a bowl of applesauce 30 calories total: 110

That’s what I had for lunch.

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Amilia’s thoughts

Hi, it’s Amilia, and I want to purge. I hate gaining weight. We founda new diet on YouTube called the five bite diet. You drink coffee for breakfast and then eat five bites of food at lunch and dinner. I know purging is bad for me, but I still want to do it. I’m 16.

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anorexia coming back

So, I think my anorexia is coming back. I hate eating. I hate gaining weight. I think if I eat that food, it will make me fat…. I just wish I didn’t have such irrational fears of food… I just want to be normal…

downgraded my blog

So, I had to downgrade my blog… Ended up spending more money than I intended on spending. I have almost 130 followers on my blog!!!!! Keep the follows coming!!!!

Friday ramblings

So, I plan on making another YouTube video at some point today. I wish I could figure out how to beat this anorexia that seems to be coming back…. I ate an egg salad sandwich today for lunch… I’m doing relatively well today. Some alters aren’t feeling ok, but that’s to be expected with DID. Not all alters will be feeling totally ok….