Hard night

so, I had a hard night last night. I had a dream that I was swimming and I was being chased by shark. It was very much. I also had dreams about my childhood and stuff that went on there. I just wish I could make everything stop and go away. I could go to the other facility and everything I hope everything went well. I hope everything went well today with the doctor being able to help me get into the other Priscilla. I really have to go to Michigan, and I think my life would be much better there. I have more opportunities there because they have a guide dog school, they also have group homes for people with mental illness.

One Reply to “Hard night”

  1. What a horrible night of dreams. I am so sorry. I hate hate when bad dreams like this happen and you wake up and just feel awful. It happens to me alot. I wish you could get into the guide dog school.


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