Hard day

So today started off very Rocky. I didn’t get to sleep until 5 this morning and then slept off and on until noon. It was not a peaceful sleep. I had terrible nightmares. I was in charge of a cooking demonstration tonight, it’s kind of like Rice Krispies. There was one person in particular who came in later after I was done making the treats that said he was there from the start. I know he wasn’t there because he always even if there’s food involved involved asks staff if he can have some over and over again I told him he wasn’t there when I started making them and he said how would you know you’re a fucking blind girl I said shut the fuck up you stupid bastard. How dare he insult my abilities or my disability. last night I was talking to some friend’s her mother oh yeah, and my alters just kept popping out what I was talking to some friends from Australia, and my alters just kept cutting out like I was a revolving door. I was thoroughly exhausted from the whole ordeal by the end of the day. Tonight, one of the counselors who worked here made me tell her my entire life story in 45 minutes. She didn’t go into any of the details, but now he’s are flooding back like crazy. Don’t know when I will get to sleep tonight. Hopefully it is soon. I’m going to ask the doctor on Thursday to increase my circle if it’s not working by then. Seroquel. hope all of you have a good night, and thanks for. Reading.

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