So I’m going to trigger worn this post. Talks of sexual assault.

So on March 4 at night, I brought up the idea of sex to my boyfriend. He told me he wasn’t going to use protection so I said no and he did it anyway. He didn’t manage to penetrate me, but after he was done he cleaned up the evidence with some wipes so no one would find out I was asked why I didn’t fight or push him off or scream. I couldn’t. He was twice my size. And I froze. It just brought back so many memories from the past. Not sure why I waited until 18 March to tell, but I did. People ask me why I didn’t tell her sooner and I can’t give them an answer. I then called the police and filed a report. The police were not very nice. I then talked to a public health nurse the next day and he seemed really nice. I will get justice, no matter what it takes.

4 Replies to “Assaulted”

  1. This just happened with your boyfriend? Dd I read that right?
    That sounds VERY traumatizing. I am so so sorry you went through that. No one should ask you why you ddidn’t tell earlier. Trauma takes time to process. The shock of it is awful. No one gets to judge you!!!!!


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