Did I vanish?

Did I finish? That’s the question many of you maybe wondering at this point. I haven’t blogged for almost 3 months. No, I was just in a psychiatric hospital for that long. The only thing they did for me was medicate me and send me on my way. I was promised by a judge and a doctor when I went to the state hospital that I would get trauma therapy and that things will turn out to be great. They told me the snooze so I would go willingly to this hospital to get treatment. They only told me all of this so I would go to the hospital willingly. The police told me after I reported the sexual assault that they could not prosecute my ex-boyfriend because of my mental illness.

2 Replies to “Did I vanish?”

  1. I HAVE been thinking about you and was looking you up a few days ago to see if you had posted anything.
    I thought you were promised help! So after you were released there has been no trauma therapist appointed to you? No help offered?
    I am just so sorry to hear that you have been truly abandoned and justice has not prevailed! So sorry


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