Back in the hospital

So, I am back in the hospital again. UGG. I left the state hospital on 14 June and went to what I thought was a mental health we have the Sellitti but turned out to be a nursing home for elderly people. I was the youngest one there. There was no one there my age. But in the first three hours of getting there, my computer was stolen. I am still in the ER waiting to be placed in executrix Sellitti, a group home, or something. I just feel so alone and like there is not a place for me out there. Just because I am blind doesn’t mean I am not independent and capable of living on my own. I did go to college, and in that time, I did live on my own with three roommates. I just found out I’m stuck here for another fucking night. That is three nights in the ER. Three nights where I’m not getting any psychiatric help. I’m just being given my meds and that’s it. Thank goodness I have my iPhone to keep me occupied. If I didn’t have it, I would just be sleeping all the damn time which is not good, because if I sleep during the day I have nightmares. I want to have a home to go to to call my own. The state hospital said it was their goal to find people a forever home. Apparently they were fucking wrong, because a nursing home will never be my forever home. At least not until I am very old. The other thing that has me worried is if Social Security finds out that I have more than a certain amount of money in my checking account, they will take every penny. That damn nursing home is it getting a penny from me. The damn is suicidal thoughts won’t go away. I feel so hopeless and alone.

2 Replies to “Back in the hospital”

  1. I’m glad you are not in that nursing home anymore. But having your computer stolen and now being in an ER is just so wrong. You SHOULD be able to be in a nice house that is comfortable for you. Not a stupid nursing home with elderly. Why should you be punished because you are blind. You deserve better than all this!


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