In the ER until at least Monday

Hi all,

I’m hi all,
I’m still in the ER at at least until Monday. I am watching HGTV and now I have a medical bed which is more comfortable. The thing that worries me is that according to my medical bed I weigh 54 kg or 119.05 pounds. Last Wednesday I weighed 136. I don’t know how I could’ve lost that much weight in a week The bad thing is is that it’s triggering me to go back into eating eating disorder behavior. My altars are doing relatively well except for Amelia and all of hers. I’m feeling really hopeless because places are telling me they can’t except me because of my blindness. I even had a nurse here tell me that places aren’t excepting me because of my other disabilities. Now I know the truth. I just wish I had a home to call my own. The social worker came in this morning to talk to me, and all she asked me is if I was so suicidal and if I had a plan. I told her yes, I was still suicidal, but I did not have a plan at this time. She didn’t stay to talk to me further. This hospital doesn’t even have an advocacy line number, and it’s hospital policy that I can only call friends and family. Right now, my cell phone is not active, so I can’t call anyone else. I don’t know when I will have a computer next, but for now, I have my iPhone at least for the next four or five days. So I will be updating this blog regularly until I go back to state at which point I won’t be allowed access to the Internet.

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