Still in the ER

The person who was supposed to get discharged from the state hospital didn’t get discharged, and they don’t know when this person will be discharged. I know I am here through the weekend. The mental health worker came to see me earlier this morning and she promised me she would be back to see me later today, but she never came back. I have a cardiology appointment next Wednesday. My heart rate is fine when I’m laying down and sitting up, but when I stand, my blood pressure drops and my pulse goes up. Right now, I have a double ear infection and a hole in my left eardrum. The doctor told me last Tuesday that if that your drops didn’t hear the hole in my eardrum, I would have to have surgery to fix it. We are holding things together so far. I don’t belong in a hospital. I need to be in a residential setting the lake a group home or even possibly my own apartment. Even the psychiatrist who saw me for the first time today since I’ve been in the ER told me I don’t need to keep bouncing around from hospital to hospital and that group homes discriminating against me because of my blindness is not right.

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  1. Oh my gosh your poor ears must be excruciating !!!! I pray they heal.
    Please ask the doctor about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia/ Dysautonomia. It was what my daughter was diagnosed with. When she stands her blood pressure drops and her heart rated rises. It took the right doctor to diagnose but had I know it could have been this I could have asked and maybe they would have treated.


    1. Do you have a iPhone or android? If you have android, we can email, but if you have an iPhone, we can iMessage. I would love to be friends with you. Where do you live?


      1. I have imessage on my ipad. My daughter and I message each other all the time and she has an iphone. We both have imessage so it will work


    1. Well, the person who was supposed to get discharged so I would get a bed did not get. I’m begging them not to send me back to state, because they have no consideration for blind people especially with PTSD and multiple personalities. I was just told this morning that I was supposed to be going to another psych unit on Monday once they had a bed available, but yesterday I spoke to the psychiatrist and she told me I didn’t need to be in the hospital.

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