update long overdue

Hi to all,

So we’re doing ok I guess. The agency that was supposed to help with the apartment can’t help us due to some age limit or restriction thing. The three friends we had living in the same apartment complex with us are no longer our friends. I had a long text conversation with her, and in that convo she said that I had had everything handed to me because I’ve been in a psycho ward for the last five months. She then proceded to hack my Facebook account and sent herself a message from me threatening to hurt her. I then found out that something wasn’t right on my account and sent a message back saying that my account had been hacked, and when I looked back at the message later, it said it was Amilia at the bottom of the message that I had just sent back to this girl, and I had just told her about Amilia the night before all this shit went down. Then, there was this other “friend” who basically texted me out of the blue and told me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. Also, I have ended my relationship with my foster mom as of a few days ago. Sorry this is so long. It’s just been a long time since I’ve updated. My caseworker isn’t exactly reliable either. I’ve finally found a good therapist as well. Does anyone have any tips on being blind and living with DID? Thanks for reading.

Tags [alters, DID, dissociative identity disorder, apartment, mental illness, friends, caseworker]

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