frustrated and struggling

So, we’re all frustrated. We were told that an inpatient hospital stay wasn’t going to be enough for us that we needed a more long term care place. I hate having BPD, and being blind with DID is hard. I just wish we could get the help we deserved.

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2 Replies to “frustrated and struggling”

  1. what are you going to do, what kinda long term care place do they mean, and where would that be? like the one you left a few months ago? btw, your not doing the tags thing right, your meant to put [tags then the tags then } at the end. xxx


  2. Frustrated you must be! What’s the difference in short term, long term care if the goal is to teach you how to manage you illness and live the most productive life possible. The days of putting a personal in LT care sounds like a place to live and count the days. Being blind complicates your life but lots of people are blind. It must be very hard but you can learn and function with the right support. Mental Illness is manageable with patience and a good doctor with the same goals.
    No doubt there more to the story, like why you needed a hospital in the first place. Is DID a new diagnosis or extremely to deal with. I don’t have and ask in all sincerity, I know a person who functions well most of the time. He’s a brilliant artist and blogger. Maybe you what to check him out. Robert M Goldstein at Survivors Blog Here on WordPress.
    My comments my not apply and I understand, I offer my support as another with mental illness and a human.


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