Amilia feeling like shit

So, it’s Amilia, and I’m feeling like total shit. Just want to fucking die. Just really need a friend. Cant take the memories anymore….. Please if anyone’s out there, I need someone. Please feel free to email me at


I will answer. You can also comment on here.

Waste of time

I just feel like we’re wasting time and resources. Got to the ER yesterday afternoon. And they still haven’t found us a place. I have an appointment with my primary care provider on it with my psychiatrist and therapist on Tuesday we are stuck in here meanwhile life will go on. They’re letting me use my phone, and I’m grateful for that.

just cant fucking do this!!!!!!!!

I cant keep living with this depression. Tried to call my psych back today, and she was supposed to call me bak earlier ghis afternoln, I mean my psych’s nurse was supposed to call back. She’s not calling back until tomorrow. They’re looking for another place besides Passavant for me to get help.


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enigma so fucking angry

Hi, so its Enigma and I’m very fucking angy just found out that our therapist is the one who make the decision to sned u home the day of our last overdose. Fuck our fucking therapist. I want to kill this fucking body because we don’t deserve to live…….. was told y the hospital that we couold go there for medical issues, but if we went there for psych that we would be involuntarily committed even if we wanted togo willingly.

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