So, we are trying our best to get help, but people are not listening to us. We came to the ER last night because the whole system was feeling suicidal and at one point I came back and my meds were all laid out to take. Last night, the worker that sauce was ready to admit us. I signed a voluntary form and everything. Then this morning another worker came in and she had called my psychiatrist and he said I wasn’t eligible for inpatient. Thank goodness the charge nurse listened to me and he called my psychiatrist back. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I hope we get the help we need. I have always been told that if I’m not feeling safe that I’m supposed to go to the ER which is what I did and everytime I go they just send us home with a stupid two-sentence safety plan. This is even more concerning because now I take a heart medication. I know that if we take that, in combination with other things we will not survive at least if we take all of it. I don’t mean this post to be triggering to any of my readers. From the collective

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