took an overdose and they still sent us home

So, I took an overdose of our meds, and they still sent us home…. We don’t know what to do from here… I’m doing all I can to keep the system safe, but I’m running out of ideas. Also, others within the system I don’t know who have been spending our money that would normally be used to pay the bills. So, now I don’t know if we will have enough money to pay the bills. Amilia now is mute because a doctor told her she was a game… What are we suppose to do now when one of us is suicidal because apparently going to the hospital isn’t working. We should not have survived on what we took.


3 Replies to “took an overdose and they still sent us home”

  1. Number one, thank goodness you did survive. that just shows how strong the rest of your parts are! Can parts have an internal meeting with this part, does this part like to draw, does the part have her/his own safe space, maybe parts can journal to each other. I hope things get better.


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