trigger warning: talk of MK abuse…..

So I have just learned that we are a system who suffered through MK Ultra abuse or mind control/programming. I found out that Amilia has been programmed by someone to kill us if things keep coming out that were meant to be hidden. I don’t know what to do about this. I just hope we can find treatment. I don’t know if there is treatment for this in IL. We have an appointment on Monday to see our therapist, but don’t think we will tell her right away as we think this is way over her head. I’m shocked at what I have learned, but I have also learned that I can’t let things shock me anymore, because we’ve already survived the worst things, the abuse. All I know is we need help, and people are turning a blind eye, no pun intended to our needs. I just hope we can get help and get it soon. There is a program through our local department of rehabilitation services program called the home services program. I know there in the process of that, but it could take up to six years for me to even get in. This program offers PA services, intermitent nursing care, medication monitoring through the PA, adult daycare, and respite services for people with disabilities under the age of sixty. We could really use some support right now as littles are freaking out, and some of the other insiders are still bent on this suicidal programming. I hope this has not triggered anyone.


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