Update back from the hospital

Trigger warning for mention of suicide attempt so had to go into the hospital this past Monday for an overdose which almost killed us. The ER finally took us seriously and we were admitted to a hospital that we really didn’t want to go to because they don’t understand us, but the good thing out of it is that we met someone a patient who had the same issues and got us. It is sad that it had to take three overdoses in one week for my local ER to take us seriously. Glad to be going home but going home on no medication does anyone know of any medical alert I just hope that we can get through things. on

2 Replies to “Update back from the hospital”

    1. The doctor told us there is nothing I can do to help you all. You’re just going to have to do this in therapy and I’m sending you home with no medication. I was then told by my caseworker that even if I needed to go inpatient for my eating disorder there was no luck of me getting end because I’m on Medicaid. Guess this disease would just kill me.


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