just want all this medical stuff to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want all this crap medical stuff to stop. Earlier tonight I went to the ER because my heart rate was above 160 for like half an hour. I called the after hours doctor, and he told me to go straight to the ER because this could kill me. My scoliosis is flaring up to, and I have an unexplained knot on the base of my skull that feels like a bruise This shit is scary….. If anyone’s up, could really use a friend.

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3 Replies to “just want all this medical stuff to stop!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I’m not sure if this is comforting or not, but if your heart rate stays that high in dysautonomia that long, that’s usually one of the things that will make your body pass out eventually. That seems to kind of reset it for me most of the time. Passing out is kind of scary, but it helps me to know that the “pass out, start over” pattern is why most types of dysautonomia aren’t considered fatal. Your body eventually can’t support those heart rates, but it “finds” ways of hitting the breaks. Just be sure to remove yourself from areas where you could hit your head if you faint during those times. Fainting on carpet isn’t so bad, but fainting and hitting your head on concrete could be. If you have dysautonomia, you’ll start to learn some tricks to keep yourself safe during those times, and/or maybe qualify for a mobility scooter or something so you can have some functionality and be safe as you all do.


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