fuck our team!!!!!!!!

So spoke with our therapist earlier, and she didn’t even seem like she cared. She told us that maybe we needed to learn to live without the hospital as an option. I asked her what I should do if we ever felt suicidal again, and she said, well, you don’t really have any other options besides living with the feelings and thoughts. We cant keep going on like this. We’ve had five suicide attempts in the last three weeks, one of which almost killed us. By the way, our therapist is the one who came to see us the day before the most recent overdose in the hospital. She came in the room and didn’t even ask how we were doing. She just said that they were sending us home. We didn’t sign the safety plan and even told her what we were going to do when we got home, and she still sent us home. Well, fuck all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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6 Replies to “fuck our team!!!!!!!!”

      1. Well, the one thing that keeps happening is that we keep losing time and when I come back, we are in a dangerous situation like self-harm or something.

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      2. I only bring this up because there was a point in my life long ago where I was very depressed, but I can admit that i “turned up the volume” on my suicidality. I would say that I was having attempts, but in hindsight, they weren’t ACTUAL attempts. I’ve had REAL attempts for which I was hospitalized and treated


  1. Yeah I get that.. I’ve been in similar situations as a DID patient. But those aren’t suicide attempts, necessarily. They can be self-harm attempts. This is why the ER wouldn’t admit you. If you were clinging to life physically, theyd have to admit you


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