So its Rayette, and im just feeling like total crap. Weve had five suicide attempts in the past month no make that six. We keep going to the hospital for help after each attempt, but they keep sending us home. Dealing with programming stuff and feeling very triggered and alone. Just need a friend. Just want to die!!!!!!!!! There are alters who have plans that they feel like they have to go through with them because of the programming… Someone please talk to us!!!!!!!!!! Just want to end it all!!!!!!!

2 Replies to “SOS!!!!!!”

  1. we have been turned away twice this month from hospital, once after being found by the police by the river bank after our voice of reason called the crisis line. It is a disgrace how mental health issues are so often treated by those who purport to want to help us. We have three alters who are frequently suicidal.


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