Back from the trauma program

Hi all, so I’m back from the program at hartgrove hospital in Chicago. I’m actually on my way back there to pick up my meds that they forgot to give me. When I saw trauma program online, I thought, oh yes, this is going to be a program that addresses the needs of someone with complex trauma. That was not to be the case. They only work with people with PTSD symptoms. They did a lot of Psych testing and an EEG. The EEG showed a lot of mood instability and depression. They started me on Lamictal. They are supposed to call me hopefully tomorrow to give me the results of all of the psych testing they did. They diagnosed me on discharge with PTSD and severe major depression. The borderline personality diagnosis is no longer there. They are still compiling the data for the did diagnosis, but they’re almost sure that is what it is at least that is what they are leaning towards. I will write more on my experiences there in subsequent blog posts.

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