feeling alone and discouraged

So, I’ve been on the phone since 11 this morning trying to get things figured out. I found out that I might be able to see the psychiatrist in my town if we can get a prior authorization from a doctor to the insurance company since the doctor is out of network with them. I can’t believe my caseworker didn’t follow through with the promises she made to the hospital. I cant believe our therapist just said she couldn’t work with us anymore. Found out that my insurance will cover Ensure. The nearest eating disorder treatment IOP program is 2 and a half hours away. I’m trying to get into other living facilities, but they’re not accepting me because of the fact that we have so many issues. My last phone call was made at 5:00 PM. I go to the EP doctor tomorrow about my heart and I will update you all on that when I get back. I will be getting the report on the psych testing that was done at HartGrove back on Friday. If you all want, I can share it here. How is everyone else doing?


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