Appointment with the electrophysiologist

So I had the appointment with the electrophysiologist and he told me that what I was experiencing was completely normal. He said that it was normal for a person my age 2 have an increase heart rate when going from laying to standing. He even said it was normal for the heart rate to go from 70 to 145 when I go from laying to standing. He told me that I did not have pots. He said that what I was experiencing would go away on its own just by drinking fluid and taking in more salt. He said that people with pots cannot walk or exercise or do anything without passing out. He told me not to worry about the skipped heart beats and less I had over 10,000 in a day. Who can count that high realistically anyway? He also told me that the reason my heart rate increases when I stand is because the blood is pulling in the lower half of my body exactly like pots. He told me that pots gets worse that it doesn’t go away. Was ironic is that’s what I told him was happening to me yet he still said I did not have it, plus, he did not do the tilt table test to diagnose or roll it out. He told me that my heart rate could go up to 200 when doing activities and that that was normal. I have to see a different cardiologist because mine had to agree with his notes because he’s the expert supposedly.

7 Replies to “Appointment with the electrophysiologist”

  1. I agree, sounds like good news! They would need to do a tilt table if they were able to take heart rate via monitor in increments. Sodium would help if you have low blood pressure 🙂


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