psych testing

So, I have just got the results of the psych testing we had done at HartGrove, and this is what it showed:

I was of average intelligence.

I have significant anxiety and depression and PTSD relating to traumatic stress.

I have BPD, but what they didn’t realize was that the symptoms of BPD were being displayed through my other alters.

They tested me for two to three hours a day and different alters would answer questions so answers were inconsistent.

They also said that my emotional responses weren’t congruent with the things I was talking about, for instance, I was smioing when talking about traumatic events.

They said I had symptoms that were consistent with the diagnosis of DID but that I needed further evaluation because the time I had spent there wasn’t enough time to assess for it so they gave me a diagnosis of OSDD pending evaluation.

They also said that they couldn’t evaluate properly for an eating disorder diagnosis because they didn’t have enough time and that my report of weight loss couldn’t be proven even through my report.

They said I needed to be monitored after discharge for suicidality and mood swings and dissociative episodes after discharge. They also suggested that I keep a paper with my name, address phone number of my therapist and at least one other emergency contact with me at all times.


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