Why I have been am I a

Hi everyone,

So the reason I have been am I a is because we have been in the hospital for the last four days. Was told there that they could not help and that we needed more long-term treatment outpatient. Still looking for eating disorder treatment and therapists who specialize in dissociative issues, but still no luck. Going to keep trying though some of the nurses there were less than professional. For example, one day I asked them to check my heart rate, and it was 161 when I was standing up, so I want to get another nurse, and when she came in she listened to my heart and said that it was 82. I told her that my heart rate does not go down when I stand up especially by half, and she said, “well it is 82 and that is what I’m charging it as because I’m the professional. “I hate people who use their power of being a professional know to take power over someone else. I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow and then an appointment with my primary care provider on Thursday. Hoping that the homemaker can start soon so that we can get this house straightened up. I’m also going shopping with my caseworker on Friday. Spoke to the national eating association, and they told me that really the only treatment facility they found was an IOP program in Peoria.

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