So this is going to be long. So I am Ray. I am the host and the dominant personality. I used to go by Rayette, that is until my therapist convinced me to change my name to Ray. Rayette hasn’t been out since we were younger. She still thinks it’s 1993. She doesn’t realize that 25 years almost have passed. She aged with me and watched on the inside to gain the knowledge that I have, so she knows how to use computers and how to use other electronics. I know our experience may not fit the typical textbook case of DID, but every case is different. Just wanted to vent my frustrations here and want to hear people’s thoughts.



    1. She’s emotionally stuck there. It’s like she knows that things have changed, but she’s still there as in the emotional part of the trauma. I dont even know if that makes sense, but all I know is that everyone’s experience with DID is not the same.

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      1. No you’re right it’s not, haven’t heard of people being emotionally stuck somewhere I’ve heard of inside is been stuck in the past though we have insiders who are


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