cunfused from Amythist

so, it me Amythist, and i be cunfused. R therpist mak me feel bad. He say kids no rite from rong no matr wat day be tot. i cunfused cuz da bad peopl tels me ta do deese things and den he tel me dat i have choice. I no know how ta feel. Feel lik i not have a choice cuz of the programin stuf. Me no know wat ta do.

Amythist 6

5 Replies to “cunfused from Amythist”

  1. Hi Amythist, We have had littles in our system who were programmed to do wrong too. Your therapist is correct that you have a choice. The bad people taught you things that were based on lies. Hopefully your therapist will help you to tell the lies that you were told from the truth. Wendy


  2. Amythist, I am sorry you’re so confused and that your abusers told you such mean things that you don’t have the choice. ‘Cause your therapist is right, you have it. But I think you’ll need some time to get it and accept it. Hugs. 🙂


  3. Hi Amythist. I think your therapist is right that you have a choice, but it takes a lot of work to undo what the bad people have told you. It’s ok to not know what to do right now. Hugs.


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