Trigger Warning: Mention of weight and numbers

So my psychologist isn’t concerned about our ED. He said he doesn’t get concerned unless weight goes below 100 pounds. I’m only 9 pounds away from that. He told me to not make an emergency of something that’s not. I told him I didn’t have a dietician especially not one that specializes in ED, and he said I didn’t need a specialist. I told him that a person with an eating disorder can have medical complications even at a normal weight. He told me that for treatment places to accept me, I would have to be at death’s door. He’s basically telling me I’m not sick enough for treatment. Makes me want to cake things worse just to prove to people that I need treatment. I just don’t know anymore!!!



  1. That is 100% not true what so ever. My therapist basically said the same thing to me. A couple weeks later, I was told by an eating disorder treatment center that I needed to go in to residential treatment. I was there for a month and the entire time I was there I was at a healthy weight. Even at that healthy weight, I had orthostatic heart rate, my heart was working to hard when I moved around, my EKG was off, and my liver was not functioning properly. That is the worst thing I think a therapist can say to anyone because I felt the same way. If you think that you need help as in going in to a treatment center, or your questioning it, you probably do. Not to be discouraging, it was the best thing I ever did for myself, and again, the whole time I was at a healthy weight.


    1. I can’t go to residential BC of my insurance. I have a therapist I was seeing before I was seeing this psychologist, and she told me I was going to have to work with the resources I had in this area, and she also said that ED treatment is made for people who can pay for it. I don’t know what to do.


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  2. That’s really frustrating. Eating disorders are a very serious thing and you should be cautious even if you’re not very underweight and if you are so close to 100 pounds, you definitely should be able to get appropriate help. He shouldn’t neglect your issues that way. Sending hugs and positive thoughts.


  3. They didnt have a bed available. I told a friend what the BMI was for anorexia, and he told me that it’s not the same for everyone. Why then is it in the DSM about the BMI for anorexia to be less than 17.5?


    1. maybe your friend was talking about eating disorders in general? anorexia is an illness where 1/3 defining characteristics is significantly low body weight, and the number they choose for that was a BMI of 17.5. Even if it’s not anorexia it doesnt make it any less serious. I have been to the lowest end of severe anorexia and the mildest end of bulimia. but at all weights i was engaging in distorted thoughts and behaviours, and that’s the only thing that really matters.


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