So, my psychologist just terminated me. He said it’s because I can’t let go of my beliefs about food. He only had 8 sessions with us. Now we have no one who specializes in DID or ED. Also, our psychiatrist’s office told me yesterday that they don’t work with patients with ED. If I want to get any kind of treatment, I have to go to Chicago for subsidized housing which the waiting lists are long for. They range between 6 months to a year or longer. Just feel so lost, defeated, alone, and depressed.

10 Replies to “NO THERAPIST???”

  1. Completely unacceptable – for someone that sees a therapist weekly and feels LITTLE progress has been made in the year in a half; I fear her rejection and abandonment… she has reassured me that she is there to help me not judge me or toss me away. I am so sad for you ☹️

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  2. Oh how frustrating! I’m really sorry for you. I think it’s very irresponsible of your psychologist to just leave you and not find you anyone who could help you instead of him. He definitely shouldn’t do it.


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