emmie afraid of getting help

hi its emmie. im afraid of getting help. i dont want to give up the ED. i dont wanna eat. i hate food. i want help, but people dont understand. our therapist doesnt want to help. she says she doesnt have time. i just want love. i just want to be seen for me. im afraid of ray’s friends cuz i dont wanna be judged.

emmie age 12

5 Replies to “emmie afraid of getting help”

  1. Emmie, if someone will judge you, it definitely won’t be me, I think no one will. I really understand you are afraid of getting help. I feel it sometimes too and it can be overwhelming and I hate it. But in fact, if you’d get appropriate help, there’s nothing to be afraid of, you deserve the help. I hope things will get better for you. 🙂 Hugs. 🙂

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