Productive electrophysiologist appointment yay!

so today we saw the electrophysiologist. It was a very productive appointment. He’s starting me on Floren f. It’s a medication to help retain salt and water to help with the blood pressure. He also wants me to see an Ehlers Danlos syndrome specialist. He’s taking labs in like 3 weeks to check my electrolyte levels. i have to try the dose I’m starting on for a month, and if that doesn’t work, then we will raise the dose. Then we give that another month to see if it works. If it doesn’t, then we either try a med called Midadrine or do a tilt table test. I’m going back to see him in three months. He said the ED played a part in this. He said I most likely had POTS. He doesn’t know why I’m going to a neurologist. I now have to find an EDS specialist who takes Medicaid. Let the hunt begin!!! oh boy. Ray

6 Replies to “Productive electrophysiologist appointment yay!”

  1. I know many with POTS that have tried those medications and they helped.
    I hope you are feeling less symptoms with the medications. My neighbor was just diagnosed with POTS too and it is helping her


    1. Some days it helps, and some days it doesn’t. It was helping while I was in the hospital, but that was because I wasn’t doing the work that I would normally do in my apartment. Just from picking my cat up yesterday, my heart rate was 156.

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      1. I saw your dad had commented on one of your facebook posts. Does he ever come around and help you? I know of someone who was just put in the hospital in the psychiatric ward and they sent him home as soon as they did with follow ups with a pscychiatrist but they don’t seem to want to keep anyone for more than a few days. Just get them the basics of care and send them home. It looks that way for everyone unless they are in a long term care home or nursing home


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