Update on Life: Insurance treatment, and chronnic illness

Hi everyone,
So, this is going to be a long update. So a lot has happened ovfor the last week and a half. Besides getting put on a new med, we’re continuing to lose weight. It’s not good. My ED is so freaking loud!!! Amilia keeps leaving notes for me and they’re suicide notes. I woke up one evening, and my blood pressure was 67/30. It was not cool. I hate POTS. It does not feel great to get out of the shower and your heart rate be 160. The switching has been rapid and intense. Time loss is a major issue. The crisis center in the next city won’t accept us because of our complex medical issues. We’re considered a liability because of our blindness.
Going on the 31st to see a rheumatologist to be evaluated for EDS. That’s if the insurance doesn’t approve the urgent appeal that I got started today for River Oaks Trauma program in Louisiana. We should know within 24 hours.
eally really trying, but it’s just so hard. Every time I lose weight, I get lectured. My BMI is 16.9. I really hope this goes through, because also PTSD symptoms fucking suck!!! Ray

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