Will things ever get better?

Hi everyone,

I don’t even know where to start. This whole trying to get help in reaching out is beyond frustrated because everyone is saying there’s nothing they can do. Insurance is saying I don’t meet criteria, yet I continue to lose weight. The crisis center and other hospitals aren’t excepting us because of the complex medical issues the trauma and the visual impairment. I feel like I am complaining and then I shouldn’t do that. I was told by a very trusted friend that he didn’t believe in SR a. He said it was my reality but that he didn’t believe in it. I don’t even know where I can go for support anymore. The one hospital that will except us we cannot get to because no one is willing to drive us. We are such a burden that no one is willing to drive us 45 minutes to get the help we need actually maybe it is an hour and a half, but still! We just want help, is that too much to ask?


3 Replies to “Will things ever get better?”

  1. No, it isn’t too much to ask. You deserve help like anyone else and it’s just shame and very sad that everyone around you is so selfish that they don’t want to help you in any way. I don’t think the thing is they can’t, because if they really wanted, with such complex needs as you seem to have, they’d surely find the way to help you if they’d really be willing. I’m so sorry about your situation, it’s so frustrating. Hugs. 🙂


  2. Sounds like you live in Canada? or Socialist country? Have you called medical schools or looked at medical trials? Trials often pay you, the issue of getting somewhere is the issue. You can’t take a bus or train? I don’t know if that’s any help but I feel for you.


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