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    1. I haven’t seen my psychiatrist since April and I don’t see him again until August 2. My therapist knows nothing about eating disorders or complex trauma for that matter. Medicaid will only pay for IOP and PHP which the closest program to us is two hours away, and they’ve already said that they cannot work with us because of the complex trauma. We can’t get a break. Ray

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      1. Do you have a teaching Medical School near by? Many of the larger Medical Schools do and have many programs for little or no cost. Their is also research. Research may not help right away but you may learn something to help you grow. I’m in America so I don’t understand how the system works there. I do know going that long without your Psychiatrist is bullshit.


  1. so sorry you’re struggling. when i feel least like eating i will eat safe foods and force myself to have a slightly more portion than usual – one more cracker, one more carrot. that’s how you make changes. small steps. i know how hard it is but you will get there – you will. stay strong and stay safe x this too shall pass


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