love my therapist!!!!!!

So I love my therapist!!!! He is so amazing!!!! He said he would sign on wit hmy insurance and if they didn’t accept him, he would work with us probono!!! He admitted that he has never treated anyone with DID, but that he did study it as his area of expertise. He is willing to do whatever it take to work with us. He wants to see us for like twice a week for like two hours. He says that in his oppinion we should be in a higher level of care because of the number of suicide attempts and the eating disorder. He understood why Emmie is the way she is and how that affects us with food and that what Emmie went through is part of the programming. Overall, it was a good session.


Tags[alters, DID, dissociative identity disorder, anorexia, eating disorder, ED, therapist, trauma, crisis, triggers, food, hospitalization, therapy, mental illness, mental health]

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