Debit card was stolen!!

hi everyone,

So earlier my debit card was stolen along with $100 from my account. This is going to keep me from going to treatment!! I need a state ID to travel there, and I can’t get that now. It will take 7 to 10 days to get a new card, and also, I don’t have the money to even take a cab to the DMV, let alone buy the ID. Why do I even try?


5 Replies to “Debit card was stolen!!”

  1. What is the option if you give up Ray. I’ve read a few post and get the idea of what you’re up against. With something so important coming up how can your debit card get stolen? $100 from bank, the bank can’t do anything. I guess what I’m saying is are you setting yourself up with negative talk and negative expectations. I could be way off base.


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