don’t want to die

I don’t want to die from this disease called anorexia. I just can’t bring myself to do the one thing that will save me, eat. I can’t stop excercising. I can’t stop thinking about using laxatives and drinking diet coke. I just need help!!! I have all these doctors telling me that we need to be somewhere, but no noe is willing to fight the insurance company. It’s like the insurance company is like the boogie man, and it’s an impenetrable brick wall. I know that if this continues, it will literally kill me. Why do I have to think constantly about calories? Why do I have to look at the fat content of food? Why do I have to know what is in everything I eat? I spend all my time thinking about food. The depression is so fucking real!!!! God, I hate it!! Just some morning thoughts at 7 AM.

Tags[Ed, anorexia, eating disorders, mental illness, mental health, weight, recovery, suicide, death]

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